Araceli Villanueva
Araceli Villanueva

Araceli Villanueva is a Celebrity Business Manager, Financial Strategist, Commercial and Residential Mortgage Banker, Real Estate Broker, Investments, Crypto and NFT consultant, enthusiast, and investor.

Araceli has been in the crypto world since 2017 with investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins. She is focused on consulting the masses to bring them to the ecosystem in a step-by-step process to experience this relatively new financial universe in a very simple and even fun manner.

Araceli is working on a new NFT project with a real smart contract value directly related to a Villa; TERRA NFT is an innovative and revolutionary investment real estate project consisting of 160 Villas, a conference center, and many amenities to enjoy! It’s a retreat sanctuary style place in the middle of the Yucatan jungle. This area is one of the largest real estate developments and economic growth centers in the country of Mexico.

Araceli wishes to become a leader in the industry, to make bitcoin, crypto and the blockchain technology accessible to anyone and anywhere because it offers a real sharing economy and reduces dependency on the traditional centralized financial ecosystem.