Arthur Merabian
Artur Merabian

Arthur Merabian is a serial entrepreneur and an early adopter of blockchain technology; he purchased his first bitcoin in 2012 and started trading in the cryptocurrency markets in 2016. After closing both of his businesses in Las Vegas in 2018, he pursued his passion in trading and investing, becoming a committed full-time trader by 2019.

In late 2019 Arthur became the founder of Stock Unlocked, a community driven educational platform designed for all levels of investors. Known for their unorthodox teaching methods and innovative outlook, Stock Unlocked created a trading school in the metaverse, educating their members about stocks, crypto, and NFTs in the environment of tomorrow.

Since the unveiling of their trading school and the market's adaptation of blockchain technology increased, so did Arthur's desire for pioneering innovation, thus was born Metaverse Unlocked. A full spectrum Web 3 company aiding customers in developing NFT projects, DAOs, governance tokens, high-frequency staking, and the acquisition and design of digital land.