Christopher Lyons
Christopher Lyons

Christopher Lyons is an aspiring astronaut, global explorer and is the founder of Singularity Arts Company, which is the home of his Astro Kidz Chronicles™ art collection.

He created Astro Kidz Chronicles™  to inspire kids to follow their dreams to the Moon, Mars & Beyond!

In addition to being an artist, 14 year old Christopher is a social entrepreneur having founded his own nonprofit organization which enables him to use his platform to “educate, advocate and to inspire change” in addition to  working to empower youth to engage in volunteerism.

As a space and certified climate education ambassador, Christopher enjoys using his artwork to highlight STEAM education and to bring attention to social causes that are important; causes that serve the greater good and benefit humanity as a whole.

Christopher began painting and selling his art around the age of 9 and is known to carry a backlog for commissions. His normal art medium is acrylic and oil on canvas however, he has embraced the digital art space and the web3 ecosystem.

His defined art style is ever-evolving - inspired by his travels and his connection with nature captured through the lens of his camera and through his chronicled storytelling.

Christopher has been seen on NBC & NASA TV, CBTN, Amazon Prime and has represented the United States across the globe for various causes.

Christopher finds great joy in supporting and collecting artwork created by his friends.  He also loves spending his time doing space-related research, saving the planet, exploring and doing anything that defies gravity.