eDad Folkening
eDad Folkening
Core Leader

Chad Folkening is an lifelong entrepreneur, connector and contributor to various blockchain and crypto economic platforms with a focus on transparency, decentralization and automations.

He is the lead CONTRIbutor of CONTRIB.com, along with RealtyDAO and its Digital Native Asset (DNA) platform with over 22,000 premium web2, web3 domain assets going on chain with the vision of building DANSE, a Distribution Autonomous Network of Smart Entities.

As a member of the Domainer Hall of Fame, he has built leading native digital companies generating over $100 million in sales along with a leading programmatic platform that currently processes over 6 billion native digital ad auctions daily.   His experience lead to the development, management and liquidation of native digital assets such as Staffing.com, Streaming.com, DSL.com, DigitalCurrency.com to leading Fortune 500 clients such as Amazon, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Zynga.

Chad is currently focused on using AI and DATA for RealtyDAO and VNOC.com while helping Entrepreneurs.org increase digital asset value quickly by leveraging time compression tools, digital architecture design and network effects.