Fonz Olvera
Fonz Olvera
El Jefe
  • Fonz is a 35 year old serial entrepreneur based in Austin, TX and originally from Mexico City.
  • Fonz spent 12 years in the oil and gas industry, where he built inventory control software. Fonz bootstrapped a startup as a solo entrepreneur and sold it to a public oilfield services company in 2017 for 8 figures. He went on to work for the company that acquired the startup and surprisingly lasted 3 years there even though he hated the uptight corporate culture.
  • As the COVID pandemic started, Fonz was connected to a group led by Paul Maritz, who used to be the 3rd ranking officer at Microsoft during the 1990s and later became CEO at VMWare. Fonz was asked to be CEO and co-founder of MagnaCerta, a new venture that was focused on providing solutions that allowed individuals to carry their vaccination status in a tamper-proof and verifiable way. This type of software became known as "Vaccine Passports" and while MagnaCerta was one of the early developers of the technology, the field became highly politicized and going to market became very difficult. Fonz decided in May of 2021 that the venture was no longer worth pursuing and needed to be shut down.
  • After winding down the vaccine passport business, Fonz discovered NFTs and fell in love with the technology and community that was emerging. Fonz decided to spend his full time learning and participating in this new frontier. He also quickly realized that people were getting scammed out of their valuable NFTs because there was no safe mechanism to interact with tokens without exposing them or putting them at risk. After going to NFT.NYC and ApeFest in November, he also realized that there wasn't any practical infrastructure to prove ownership of NFTs in the real world.
  • Fonz then had the idea that he could pivot the technology that was built for vaccine verification, and turn it into NFT verification. This became tokenproof, which now offers safe token-gating solutions so that holders of NFTs and other tokens can prove ownership of their tokens without connecting their wallet, both online and IRL. Tokenproof is quickly gaining traction as many crypto-native projects use the technology for ticketing and token-gating.