John Tremblay
John Tremblay
VP Partnerships

I was involved in creating MutantCats DAO, one of the space's oldest and longest-lasting NFT DAOs, where I served as a board member for almost two years and moved to other projects. During that time, I spoke at NFT Miami '22 and NFT NYC '22.

I also founded other NFT projects like Syndicate 893 and participated in advising other founders, and supported fundraising ventures on inspiring projects being built.

Currently, I'm involved in several projects; in the main one, we are creating a Machine Learning model that can automate zaps from any blockchain to another, compounding and optimizing portfolios across all L1 and L2 using LayerZero technology.

The main focus is the mass adoption of DeFI and making access as seamless as possible.

When I'm not working, I love to take on the skies and fly with old but very well-taken care of light aircraft.