Josmar Tejeda
Josmar Tejeda
Chief Marketing Officer

Josmar Jose Tejeda assists founders and investors in selling, marketing, promoting, and presenting themselves and their businesses at scale so they can make offers confidently, automate their client acquisition, and hire the best sales talent using a proven, science-driven approach. He is the Founder of Leverage Creators, a Fractional C-suite that assists business owners to Acquire, Grow, Scale, and Exit 7, 8, & 9-Figure companies.

Josmar combines his expertise in design, hypnotic storytelling, and strategic planning to produce pitches, presentations, and custom scaling campaigns that guide others in a way that feels supernatural.

His ability to discover mental, emotional, and other energetic blockages within a business team is frequently the topic of venture capitalists, investors, entrepreneurs, coaches, and other business owners he mentors.

He loves empowering sales team leaders, consultants, and coaches.

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