Pablo Quiroga
Pablo Quiroga
Co-Founder & CRO

Pablo Quiroga serves as Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer of ATMTA, the developer of Star Atlas, leading the way to the next generation of interactive entertainment. Star Atlas is the highest quality and most immersive metaverse experience in development today, and it features a vibrant, loyal, and global community that is continually developing user generated content for the ecosystem.  In addition to Star Atlas, ATMTA is developing, patenting, licensing, and open-sourcing infrastructure and tooling that will help grow and define web3 more broadly.

With more than two decades of experience building high-growth business ecosystems, Pablo’s mission at Star Atlas drives the company’s global strategy and web3 permissionless and censorship resistant revenue model. Since officially launching Star Atlas in January 14, 2021 Pablo has exponentially expanded Star Atlas’ external relationships with industry leading platforms, IP portfolio estates, and drives the growth of its corporate and business development, revenue models, marketing and communications, community growth, among many other contributions.

Prior to Star Atlas, Pablo served as CRO at Vanguard Scientific, where he oversaw business development, hardware research, supply chain management, and sales for end to end cannabis process facilities globally. Currently, Pablo supports his ecosystem growth by investing and serving as advisor at companies in the psychedelic sector and digital therapeutics respectively. Pablo was an early investor at Psytech recently acquired by Wesana Health and strategic adviser at Frequency Mind, a next-generation digital wellness  platform.

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